Friend Fiction: A Social Way to Create!


Friend Fiction is the latest in creative, social games for the iPhone.

The aim of Friend Fiction is to unite like-minded people in a creative and collaborative story telling game. The game allows for 2-4 players to come together and write their own original stories about friends, favorite movie characters, books, or anything imaginable.

Once logged in users can invite their friends, via Facebook or email, to join in writing an original story. The catch, however, is that players can only input a limited number of words per turn. This allows the stories written to be truly collaborative in that no single player can determine the direction of the story. Part of the challenge of Friend Fiction is to guess the intention of the other players and then decide whether you want to go with it or push the story in an unexpected direction.

The default settings in the game only allows 3 words per turn but this can be changed in the settings section. The settings of story length, and whether the turn count is word or character based, can also be changed allowing players to write up to a whole paragraph at a time.

When a player starts a new story they are prompted with a list of genres to choose from, such as romance, crime or vampires. Each genre comes with a short pre-written intro to the story to get the ball rolling which players can preview before starting a game. If players are feeling really creative they can choose the custom genre which begins with a blank story template.

Once the story nears its word limit players are given an extended turn to wrap up the whole story. This shouldn’t be too hard if the story has gone well, although it can prove to be difficult in some cases. Once a game is completed stories are either saved in the app to be read at a later date or players can choose to publish the story to the Facebook or the Public Library; a global listing of all stories published by other players.

Another great feature of this app is the Leader Board. During the game players can give a thumbs up or or thumbs down to any particular turn another player may make, be it funny, lame or very creative. All points scored within a game are tallied on the player’s Leader Board score where all players who have received at least one vote are listed. Stories listed in the Public Library can also be voted on by any player reading the story.

The game is reminiscent of the type of thing improv actors may do as an exercise and also brings the quality of many children’s story telling games to the iPhone. The app is free and currently available on the AppStore for iOS 5 and up.

Friend Fiction definitely brings a new creative edge to social mobile game play whereby the content of the game is almost entirely user generated. It’s a very interesting app that is a lot more challenging, strategic and humorous than the incredibly simple premise of the game lets on in any written description.

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