How To Play

Friend Fiction is a game where you and your friends can write spontaneous, collaborative stories. The player that starts the game begins by writing the first few words  of the story. Then, it is up to the next player to continue the story. The catch is that each player can only enter a limited number of words  in each turn. As a result, the stories you and friends create will be  strange, unique and full of hilarious, unexpected turns. To get started, simply follow the steps below:


You can use your Facebook account or input an email address and a password.



This is the screen where you will see all your active games and can start a new one.



To start a new game, click on the icon shaped like a pencil.

1. Choose your topic for the story

You will be asked to select a topic for your story:

Each of the themes listed have a pre-written introduction to help you get going, all you will need to do is continue writing the story.

You can review the introductions by selecting a topic and clicking on Done.

If you’re feeling extremely creative you can select Custom; this will give you a blank page to begin your story.

2. Enter a title for the story

You will then be asked to enter a title for your story. Choose carefully as this cannot be changed later.

3. Select other players

After deciding on a title you will be asked to invite your friends to join in the game.

You can either choose a Facebook friend, email an invite or ask a friend for their Friend Fiction username.

You can invite 1,2 or 3 friends.

4. Playing the game

It is now time to play the game. Enter 3 words to begin or continue the story that is on the screen.

Once you have done so, press the Send button.

The friends you have invited will notified that it is time to play their turn.



The 1st number is the number of words that you can type in.
The 2nd number is the number of words left before the story ends.
This button highlights the text of the story in different colors for each player.
Press this button to skip your turn.
This button opens a chat window so you can message the other players.
Press this button to leave the game.
Insert a paragraph break.



Clicking on a particular word will allow you to vote up or down the player that played that turn.



When the count of words left matches the designated length of the story conclusion you will be prompted to Write your conclusion.

Once all players have submitted their conclusions you will be able to vote for your favoured one.

Once every player has voted for a conclusion the story will automatically move into the Saved Stories section.



This is a private library on your device of all the stories you have completed.Click on a saved story to read it and access the Story Options.



Remove – delete a story from your device

Make Public – save the story to the Public Library

Share – post the story to Facebook

Stats – view the statistics for the story



This is a library of stories viewable by any person who has the Friend Fiction app installed. Click on any story to open it for reading.

You can report a story in the public library that you think has inappropriate content via this button.



A listing of story authors displayed in order of votes received.



You will have noticed that when you first play the game each player is only allowed to play 3 words per turn. Once you get familiar with the game you can change this and other settings to make the games longer or shorter or allow players to enter more or less words per turn.

By clicking on the gear icon the player that starts a game can adjust:

  • the number of words per turn
    (default is 3)
  • the number of words per conclusion
    (default is 10)
  • the total number of words in the story
    (default is 150)